We minimise your risk so you can optimise your reward.

Our job is to partner with you and your other advisors to seize opportunities while minimising and managing the risk that comes with the territory so you can focus on your business and achieve your goals. We provide you with innovative and pragmatic solutions to protect your legal and commercial interests.

Our commercial experience is vast, and we advise on a wide range of issues. Our skills and our empathetic perspective help us determine the best possible course of action.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    We understand that no two transactions are the same. Our team have significant experience across all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and disposals meaning we can tailor our advice, applying a strategic lens to your transactions.

  • Banking and finance

    Our team have excellent relationships with all major New Zealand Banks who trust us to undertake work for and on their behalf. As panel advisors for one of New Zealand’s largest banks we understand their business, enabling us to cut through financial complexities with ease to help you achieve your outcomes.

  • Property

    Our team of experts can assist you with any commercial property related question. We provide advice on sale and purchase, leasing, and subdivision of commercial property which understands the commercial context in which your business is operating.

  • Insolvency and restructuring

    We understand that insolvency advice requires not just technical legal skills but also specialist project management skills. Our insolvency experts are adept at managing the complete range of insolvency and restricting matters including insolvency situations in a multi-jurisdictional environment.

  • Corporate structuring

    Starting a new business or establishing a new business relationship can be tricky. We have the experience to advise on the best structure for your venture (a company, limited partnership or something else) and then assist you setting yourself up with the tools for success.

  • Governance

    Our specialist governance advisors have extensive experience in guiding leadership teams on the full range of governance issues that present themselves. We understand and are well placed to help you balance the competing interests that come with ensuring corporate governance is managed in accordance with best practice.

  • Commercial contracting

    Our commercial team’s expertise is widely recognised and ranges from providing you commercial insight to drafting full agreements. Our number one priority is to ensure that our clients’ interest are well protected and clearly documented. Our pragmatic advice and extensive expertise solve real problems and create space for new opportunities.

  • Intellectual property

    Our increasingly global and digital world means greater reward but also greater risk in the field of intellectual property. Our goal is to protect and help you commercialise your IP assets by providing clear and practical advice and support.

  • Construction and infrastructure

    Our local knowledge combined with our extensive experience advising on high-risk national projects means we can provide strategic advice and support for your construction and infrastructure projects. Having been highly involved in projects that arose from the Canterbury earthquakes, we understand your need for comprehensive and committed project development and management.

  • Government

    We understand that your commercial work often interacts with Government. With significant experience working with and for Government we understand their processes and how to work with Government to deliver results in your best interests.


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