Trusts are a great option for protecting family assets as part of a succession plan, but they can be complicated and risky if set up or managed improperly.

No two trusts are exactly alike, and yet they all need to meet very specific legislation. Our team takes an individualised approach to meet your needs when it comes to your trust, ensuring that it is managed effectively against your objectives, and it remains robust and compliant.

We also provide crucial support to trustees, enabling them to perform their duties confidently to best practice standards. We are always available to answer your ongoing questions and offer additional services as required.

  • Creation of new trusts

    Trusts can be beneficial and the right entity for a variety of reasons. We work collaboratively with our clients and other professionals to identify whether a trust is suitable, and how the trust can be structured to achieve our clients’ objectives. After the trust has been established we offer a range of ongoing trust management services, support and advice.

  • Interpretation and assistance with existing trusts

    We review existing trusts to make sure that they are still fit for purpose, and provide practical solutions to suit our clients’ circumstances. This can include reviewing and updating trust deeds, transferring assets into the trust, gifting, trustee appointments and retirements, changes to the beneficiaries, resettlements and wind ups.

  • Development and implementation of individualised trust management programs

    We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and circumstances, and whenever possible we meet with our clients and their family in person. This enables us to develop and implement trust management programs that suit each client, add real value and can evolve over time.

  • Independent and professional trustee service

    We offer independent trustee services through our professionals who specialise in trust law. We take an active role as a trustee and can help navigate complex family dynamics.

  • Specialist trust advice, support and compliance

    We offer ongoing advice and support to our trust clients. This includes day to day queries, advice on changes to trust law, understanding trustee duties and helping resolve trust disputes. We have a team of professionals who can provide practical, strategic advice that is tailored to each client’s situation.


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