Trusts are complicated, so the Tavendale and Partners Trust Management team provides professional trust management and trustee services nationwide, to a range of trusts, trustees, and professional service firms. Our focus is to ensure that trusts are managed effectively against their objectives, and that they remain robust and compliant from a multi-disciplinary perspective

Trustees have strict fiduciary duties as set out in pending legislation and evolving decisions of the courts. We provide crucial support to trustees, enabling them to perform their duties confidently and to best practice standards.

Click here for a link to the client portal where your key trust documents are kept.



Our core services are:

  • Co-ordinating professional services;

  • Trust management review and report to identify any risks;

  • Trust management plan to ensure ongoing compliance;

  • Client portal holding key trust documents;

  • Organising trustee meetings and record keeping;

  • Additional services as agreed; and

  • Answering your ongoing questions.

If you would like to talk, then please contact:

Ryan McLaren
022 657 3828

Tania Dons
022 657 3828

Kate Templeton
03 308 2673

Trust is the glue that holds relationships together