The various ways in which the law can impact an individual can be nothing short of a minefield, so it’s critical to ensure that you receive the right advice at the right time. In an ideal world, such advice would be on hand before you need it as a means of protecting what you hold dear. But all too frequently the conversation begins with retaining what you hold dear.

Whether it’s navigating the law as it applies to relationship property, estate planning or trusts, our focus is on protecting, pre-empting and problem solving for your benefit, while respecting the intricacies of family and personal relationships.



Our core legal services are:

  • Buying and selling residential properties,

  • Banking and finance in relation to properties and assets,

  • Subdivisions and boundary adjustments including easements and covenants,

  • Trust establishment and advice and change of administration of trusts,

  • Drafting wills and memorandum of wishes,

  • Drafting enduring powers of attorney,

  • Assisting with residential tenancy matters,

  • Estate administration and advice,

  • Succession planning,

  • Relationship property matters including contracting-out agreements and separation agreements,

  • Advising on occupation right agreements with rest homes and retirement villages,

  • Buying and selling small businesses and enterprises,

  • Assisting with insurance claims on properties.

If you would like to talk, then please contact:

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