Ingredients + vision

T+P hosted Peter Cullinane of Lewis Road Creamery and 140 guests at the Hagley Oval on Friday 2 June. The theme of the lunch and Peter’s presentation was Ingredients and Vision.
Clients were delighted to be invited to hear a world class and home grown success story about how Peter built the Lewis Road Creamery brand from humble butter beginnings into the product range we all love to indulge in.  He had a clear vision and spoke with passion about NZ’s potential and products.  He was quietly entertaining and humble.  The Lewis Road Creamery story is a darling of social media and Peter was very proud to say that they have almost 200,000 “Roadies” supporting them online.
Peter’s 10 top lessons were also very insightful, and spelled out his view of the key ingredients for success.  They included:

  • Back yourself!  The biggest impediment to success is fear of looking foolish.
  • Have confidence and laser-like focus
  • Branding has to be brilliant; your product or service has to be better.

The TP vision for the event included celebrating with the Lewis Road Creamery ingredients. Our team created a bespoke cheesecake for all our guests to enjoy. The recipe is on our Facebook page.

Take a sneak peak inside our event by clicking on the photos, viewing our videos below or reading a little about what Peter had to say in over on