Key issues discussed at industry event

Leading specialist law firm, Tavendale and Partners, created a dynamic discussion platform for its agricultural-based clients by hosting guest speaker Hon Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries.

 Canterbury-based Tavendale and Partners has a depth of specialist legal expertise in agribusiness, commercial, and resource management law, so they were pleased to secure the Minister to address their guests at a forum on a number of topical issues.

 “Many of our clients and industry partners are involved or affected by the agribusiness sector, so to hear directly from our Minister about current issues was a rare and welcome opportunity,’’ said Mark Tavendale, Director.

 “We were also lucky enough to have a robust question and answer session with the Minister following his speech. This gave our guests the opportunity to get direct answers to the issues that are relevant to them, and to hear about the issues that their peers are dealing with.”

 Not surprisingly, a key topic of interest in the Minister’s speech was irrigation. The Minister offered an in-depth explanation of the Government’s investment in irrigation to support key projects getting off the ground.

 Minister Guy discussed water and river storage, and the environmental benefits that would have for the likes of Lake Ellesmere, which is anticipated to have 15-20% more groundwater flowing into it as less groundwater will be required.

 He also spoke about New Zealand’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and the Government’s investment in modern technology such as variable rate irrigation.

 During his address, the Minister covered the primary growth partnership and the work that is being done in research and development, including the Government’s partnership with the primary sector.

 In his generous overview, Minister Guy also discussed trade and market access, Maori agribusiness, and biosecurity – a topic that the Minister indicated was very high on his priority list.

 The question and answer session proved to be well-informed, wide-ranging and extremely beneficial for the audience and Director, Andrew Leete, was pleased that the firm was able to provide this opportunity for their guests to connect with one of New Zealand’s key policy influencers.

 “A great variety of questions were put forward to the Minister. Topics discussed included overseas investment in New Zealand, promotion of primary industries, the role of the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, and aligning regional councils,” said Mr Leete.

 Tavendale and Partners has already received great feedback from guests about the event and they hope to run similar sessions in the future.