Avoiding potential obstacles to your business activity is often as simple as having good advice upfront. T+P excels at working with clients before problems arise. But as they say, hindsight is a great thing. So when disputes do occur, you need an advocate who understands the context of your situation in order to reach the optimum resolution for you.

There are many pathways to successfully resolving a dispute, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.  Irrespective of the means to the end, dispute resolution can be a harrowing and drawn-out process, emotionally, psychologically and financially. Our priority is to always take the route that will serve your best interests, and in a manner that preserves your dignity.

We are well recognised for our ability to resolve issues outside of the courtroom. However, when court or arbitration is the only solution then we are tireless in mounting the very best case in your defence.

Our core legal services are: 

  • Commercial litigation,

  • Alternative dispute resolution,

  • Personal and relationship property disputes,

  • Relationship property agreements,

  • Employment,

  • Health and Safety.

If you would like to talk, then please contact:

Sara Jamieson
021 221 7725

Conflict is not always avoidable, but when it does arise it should be handled constructively and with respect.